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 Post subject: Few feature suggestions
PostPosted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 11:15 am 
Joined: Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:41 am
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People Radar
An setting that allows you to change what happens on left click, or to replace it. It could be useful to Zoom In on people for when you are taking photos at an event or even video and want to use camera transitions in between people. Also it helps seeing who is where without manually moving your camera around trying to find every single person. Distance on it could be helpful, in case someone is 2000m higher or lower than you, and they are not in the immediate area. As for IMing people directly, there is Nearby Chat to do that easily

An option to show Usernames in brackets, it can be hard to track down everyone's name changes on a big list. And an option to hide Offline people.

An setting that prevents IM from bumping to the top, it messes up the order often. An option to keep it on the left side could be useful, as it appears more natural than on the right side.

Able to write more than the current chat limit, it prevents pasting any large amounts of information into chat. Also if you are writing -a lot- it can be helpful too.

If it is not too laggy, it could be quite useful to correct minor mistakes and help notice typos when writing, can be very useful at any more important event, and simply make you appear better by showing the errors you need to fix.

Interface Skin Color
If there is a way to brighten or darken the current skin, as the menus appear very dark with the current color, a more neutral gray would be interesting to see.

Camera behavior
For some reason when I cam at people with mesh bodies, camera tends to flip out and zoom randomly behind them, or revert back to looking at me. If it could work well with mesh bodies and parts that would be amazing (Could be a bug, or intended?).

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 Post subject: Re: Few feature suggestions
PostPosted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:25 pm 
Site Admin
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Joined: Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:19 pm
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People Radar
As i said before, i will repeat after myself: There will be no radar in my Viewer other than what LL offers, ever.
As to the option of choosing what to do on left click (double click i suppose): I don't want even more minor options cluttering up my preferences, if you want to do something other than IMing someone use the right click menu.

Friend Names
As to name changes, it is, given the situation, hard at times to keep track of friend name changes, yes, there is nothing i can do about it. Cramming a second name into those lines would either require me making them larger or remove/replace display names, in that case you could just disable them.
As to name sorting, there is no way of disabling offline people anymore for a simple reason: There is no reason to hide them. Given you sorted the friendlist by online status (and not by name) it will show everyone who's online at top, sorted from A to Z (not necessarily on the first start, the sorting needs a little bump so it will correct itself after an update, e.g when someone comes online/goes offline), there's simply no need to hide them, all people you want to see are at the top, everyone else (offline people) are below, which is why i removed the accordion tabs.

I think you'll hear this often here but i won't implement most of V1's UI, especially not anything that has to do with the IM system. V1's Chat system was horrible, worse than what CHUI is right now, i wish both were gone. IM's stay on the right, they should be clearly seperated from local chat, i was thinking of making them pop from bottom to top again but that might backfire with the current CHUI implementation (conversation window overlapping with IMs)

I was thinking of increasing the max amount of chars in the chat editor (not what you could actually send), now that Google has changed its links to be monstrously long, unable to copy more than 1 link, this could prove very useful, still you won't be able to send more letters, just type in more (for links).

There's one already. Autoreplace and Spellchecker, both are there. Preferences - Chat.

Interface Skin Color
There is a way, it's called skin modding. I do not like "neutral" greys. They look lifeless just like LL's Viewer.

Camera Behavior
That is a bug introduced with the ability to right click mesh. I was thinking of removing this feature in order to restore proper camera behavior again.

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